:: AFRICA - Cameroon

Capital: Yaounde

Total Population (million): 18.532798557
Annual growth rate: 2.186943%
Density: 35.8461inhab./km²
Urban population: 55.46%
Ethnic Origins:
Official Language: French and English.
Other languages spoken: There are 200 African dialects.
Business language: French is most frequently used, although English is not uncommon.
Religion: Tribal Religions 51%, Christians 33% (South), Sunni Muslims 16% (North).
Country overview

Area: 475440 km²
Type of State: Unitary Republic based on parliamentary democracy where President is given broad range of powers which he is able to carry out without consulting the parliament.
Type of economy: Lower-middle-income economy, Heavily Indebted Poor Countries
An economy which is based principally on agriculture and petroleum.

Telephone code:
To call from Cameroon, dial 00
To call in Cameroon, dial 237
Internet suffix: .cm
Computers: 1.2
Telephone lines:
Internet users:
Access to electricity: n.c.


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