:: AMERICAS - United States

Capital: Washington

Total Population (million): 301.621
Annual growth rate: 0,894%
Density: 31inhab./km²
Urban population: 80,8%
Ethnic Origins: White alone (including people of Middle Eastern background) 73,9%; Hispanic or Latino of any race 14,8%; Black or African American alone 12,4%; Asian alone 4,4%; American Indian or Alaska Native alone 0,8%; Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander alone 0,14%; Others 8,3%.
Official Language: English
Other languages spoken: Spanish, in particular in Arizona, Texas, California and New Mexico. Other languages, such as Amerindian languages (Navajo, Hopi, etc.) and also Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German, Polish, Greek, etc. depending of the community of immigrants.
Business language: English.
Religion: Protestants 52%, Catholics 24%, Mormons 2%, Jews 1%, Muslims 1%, Others 10%, Without religion 10%.
Country overview

Area: 9632030 km²
Type of State: A federal republic state based on parliamentary democracy having presidential form of government. United States has 51 states which are largely self governing and are legally considered as sovereign entities, enjoying a high degree of decentralization.
Type of economy: High-income economy, OECD member, G8 member
The leading world power; the world's leading exporter.

Telephone code:
To call from United States, dial 011
To call in United States, dial 1
Internet suffix: .us
Computers: 54.4
Telephone lines: 59,1
Internet users: 70.2
Access to electricity: n.c.


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