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Capital: Kuala Lumpur

Total Population (million): 26.5495177473
Annual growth rate: 1.639903%
Density: 78.42519inhab./km²
Urban population: 68.2%
Ethnic Origins:
Official Language: Malay
Other languages spoken: In general, Malay, English, Hokkien, Cantonese and Tamoul are the languages spoken in Malaysia. In Western Malaysia, people mainly speak Malay (68.4%). In the Sabah State, the most frequently spoken languages are Javanese (27%) and Malay (22,6%). English is spoken as second language. Malay is spoken by two thirds of the population (both as mother tongue and as a second language). The linguistic policy of Malaysia favors Malay which is the national language but uses English as the common language in order to facilitate communication.
Business language: English
Religion: Muslims 52.7%, Buddhists 16.7%, Christians 6.8%, Hinduists 6.7%, Others 17.1%.
Country overview

Area: 329740 km²
Type of State: Federal state with constitutional elective monarchy. 13 states which enjoy fair amount of federal decentralization.
Type of economy: Upper-middle-income economy, Emerging Financial Market
A country specialized in the export of electronic goods and components.

Telephone code:
To call from Malaysia, dial 00
To call in Malaysia, dial 60
Internet suffix: .my
Computers: 19.2
Telephone lines:
Internet users:
Access to electricity: n.c.



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