:: EUROPE - Austria

Capital: Vienna

Total Population (million): 8.315427
Annual growth rate: %
Density: 99.93971inhab./km²
Urban population: 66.12%
Ethnic Origins:
Official Language: German
Other languages spoken: English and French are spoken in large cities. In Austria, it is common to meet ethnic minorities who have kept their mother tongue i.e. Czechs and Slovaks in Vienna, Hungarians and Croatians in the region of Burgenland and Slovenians in the south of Carinthia.
Business language: German and English.
Religion: Catholics 81.1%; Atheists 8.1%; Protestants 5.9%; Muslims 2.2%; Jews 0.2%; Others 2.5%.
Country overview

Area: 83870 km²
Type of State: Federal Republic based on parliamentary democracy.
Type of economy: High-income economy, OECD member
A country of small and medium enterprises; alive to environmental protection.

Telephone code:
To call from Austria, dial 00
To call in Austria, dial 43
Internet suffix: .at
Computers: 61.1
Telephone lines:
Internet users:
Access to electricity: n.c.


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