:: EUROPE - Belarus

Capital: Minsk

Total Population (million): 9.70187
Annual growth rate: -0.6107662%
Density: 46.82837inhab./km²
Urban population: 72.68%
Ethnic Origins:
Official Language: Russian and Byelorussian which are spoken by 80% of the population.
Other languages spoken: It is important to note that other languages are also used in this country such as Polish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian and Yiddish.
Business language: Russian, fluently spoken, and English, well spoken within companies having an international activity.
Religion: Orthodox 86%, Catholics 5%, Jews 5%, Others 4%.
Country overview

Area: 207600 km²
Type of State: Republic based on parliamentary democracy but actually it is dictatorship where President enjoys immense powers.
Type of economy: Lower-middle-income economy, Transition country
Entirely dependent on its trade with Russia. Important transit route for Russian gas supplies to parts of Europe.

Telephone code:
To call from Belarus, dial 810
To call in Belarus, dial 375
Internet suffix: .by
Telephone lines:
Internet users:
Access to electricity: n.c.



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