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Capital: Moscow

Total Population (million): 141.636177062
Annual growth rate: -0.5227242%
Density: 8.690812inhab./km²
Urban population: 72.92%
Ethnic Origins:
Russians (81.6%), Tatars (3.8 %), Ukrainians (3 %), Chuvashes (1.2 %), Bashkirs (0.9 %), others (9.5)
Official Language: Russian
Other languages spoken: More than 150 languages are spoken in the Russian Federation and some of them are the official language in a part of the country.
Business language: This is more and more widespread.
Managers often understand English better than they speak it. You must be prepared to conduct negotiations in Russian.
Religion: 87% of Russians are believers. Orthodox 87%, Muslims 10%, Catholics 1,2%, Buddhists 0,7%
Country overview

Area: 17098240 km²
Type of State: Federal republic based on parliamentary democracy. Presidential government.
Type of economy: Upper-middle-income economy, Transition country, Emerging Financial Market, G8 member
The largest country in the world; leading producer and exporter of natural gas in the world, and second largest producer and exporter of petroleum in the world.

Telephone code:
To call from Russia, dial 810
To call in Russia, dial 7
Internet suffix: .ru
Computers: 12.1
Telephone lines: 27.94
Internet users: 18.02
Access to electricity: n.c.



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