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Capital: Stockholm

Total Population (million): 9.148093
Annual growth rate: 0.2401307%
Density: 22.04501inhab./km²
Urban population: 84.26%
Ethnic Origins: 90% Swedish, 3% Finnish, 7% Other.
Official Language: Swedish.
Other languages spoken: The recognized minority languages are: Sami, Finnish, Meänkieli, Yiddish and Romani.
Business language: Swedish and English are used in business, German is spoken in hotels and shops.
Religion: 80% Evangelical-Lutheran. 8 religions are recognized, besides the Church of Sweden.
Country overview

Area: 450290 km²
Type of State: The Kingdom of Sweden is a constitutional monarchy based on a parliamentary democracy.
Type of economy: High-income economy, OECD member
Considered as world’s one of the most highly developed post-industrial societies. The highest level of taxation in the world; an economy which is based on the high-technology sector.

Telephone code:
To call from Sweden, dial 00
To call in Sweden, dial 46
Internet suffix: .se
Computers: 76.1
Telephone lines: 59.52
Internet users: 76.97
Access to electricity: n.c.



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